a little bit about me


I love storytelling.

Ever since I can remember, I have been captivated by the concept of conveying stories and messages through audio (you guessed it; I'm an avid music fan, too).  As high school was drawing near, I auditioned to enroll at a broadcasting school, with the intention that I'd work as a disc jockey on terrestrial radio—but, I equally loved the visual arts.  My post-high school adventures would take me to art college in New York City, where I earned a BFA degree in Photography.  For much of my young adult life and professional career, I told visual stories through photography and related media—and worked in and around imaging and online content.  

I made the exciting decision to pursue a second career in voiceover at a senior-level stage on my professional path.  I trained toward a demo at a voiceover and production studio, where I received customized instruction from industry mentors.  It's been a circuitous journey—and a fun, creative one that I'm learning from and enjoying every step of the way.