let's tell a story together.

let's tell a story together.let's tell a story together.let's tell a story together.

How can I help grow your business with a professional voiceover?

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I can't wait to read your script and listen to your ideas.

Let's tell a story together

I can help with voiceover on projects such as:

  • audiobooks / e-books
  • cartoon animation and whiteboard explainer videos
  • children's programming, edutainment and PK-12 instructional media
  • commercials: terrestrial television and radio 
  • corporate industrial videos
  • e-learning modules 
  • healthcare and pharmaceutical training videos
  • imaging and promos
  • in-store announcements
  • internet: streaming radio, closed platform, pre-roll videos
  • kiosks: trade show and retail
  • non-profit marketing and political campaigns
  • on-line, interactive campus and museum audio tours
  • phone systems (telephony)
  • podcast intros and outros
  • tourism, real estate, hospitality, theme park / amusement park media
  • toys and licensed merchandise
  • transportation
  • video and learning games, mobile apps
  • voice technology: voice assistant and conversational AI (artificial intelligence)
  • ...and more!

Starting a voiceover project is easy.

I'm here to help you learn how in just three simple steps and tell you about the recording process.