starting a voiceover project is easy.

I'm here to help.

STEP 1: Audition

You'll provide me with an audition script and I'll record an excerpt, delivering it to you usually via e-mail in MP3 format the same day.

STEP 2: End Usage

If you decide you'd like to move forward with using my voice for your project, we'll confirm:

  • end usage (Ex: Internet Video Pre-roll, Terrestrial Radio, TV, E-Learning )
  • run cycle (Ex: 1 Year, 13 Weeks)
  • market reach (Ex: New York City only, National, Regional)

STEP 3: Letter Of Agreement

Once the end usage terms are confirmed, I'll issue a simple letter of agreement* to include those details before the recording process begins, along with information on:

  • deliverables expected
  • project due date and delivery method
  • rates (and renewal usage)
  • payment terms, due date and method

*If you decide to use my initial audition as the audio for your project, a letter of agreement must be issued before the audition file goes into use.

➤ Rates: My rates are aligned with the professional voiceover industry and vary based upon end usage, run cycle and market reach.

➤ Payment Terms: A 50% downpayment is due upon booking and the remaining 50% is due upon file delivery.

Recording is a fun, creative process.

I personally record smaller-scale voiceover projects and provide single-track, "dry" vocals with only necessary, minimal editing (no special effects, music beds, etc.).

The majority of the time, end clients and creative agencies coordinate on a project and then hire their preferred New York City metro area recording studio. Typically, I'm asked to record and e-mail them an audition.  If chosen for the job, I then record the final script at the studio that they've selected.  The end client and creative teams direct me in-person—and sometimes, they are patched-in remotely during the session.